I'm an applied mathematician, freelance writer, hacker & educator currently working at DataCamp, an online, interactive education platform for all things Data Science. You should check it out! My job there is to build out the Python curriculum: if you love Python & are passionate about education, you should get in touch because I'd love to discuss creating a course with you! I have also recently built two courses on Importing Data in Python, which you can check out here and here. In the tabs above, you will find a variety of my professional interests painted in broad brush strokes. I have recently begun migrating my data-related blog and you can find it here (check out, in particular, the work we did at a recent 'Science against Slavery' hackathon in NYC). You can also find more of my statistical, data-related and coding-based interests here on my github page, including my notes on and philosophy underlying a four-part 'Practical Statistics for Experimentalists' Workshop for grad students and postdocs that I just wrapped up at Yale University.